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IBM (International Business Machines) ia an american electronic corporation, one of the world's largest manufacturers of all types of computers and software, one of the largest providers of global information networks. The corporation ranks sixth in the list of the largest companies in the world. Headquartered in Armonk, New York, USA. The story begins in the 19th century. IBM manufactures and sells hardware and software, services (hosting, consulting) in the areas from mainframes to nanotechnology.


Partnership with suppliers

Partner status
Partner types
IT Solutions Ukraine
BMS ConsultingPremier Business Partner
AvalisAdvanced Business Partner
IT StreamMember
De NovoAdvanced Business Partner
SI BISPremier Business Partner
INLINE GROUP WESTAdvanced Business Partner
IT INTEGRATORPremier Business Partner

Partnership program

Advanced Business Partner
Premier Business Partner
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Partner level requirements
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Partner types
Certification of technical specialists
  • IBM Certified Deployment Professional
  • IBM Certified Solution Designer
  • IBM Certified Specialist
  • IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer
  • IBM Certified Advanced System Administrator
  • IBM Certified Application Developer
  • IBM Certified Associate
  • IBM Certified Solution Architect
  • IBM Certified Solution Developer
  • IBM Certified Solution Implementer
  • IBM Certified System Administrator
  • IBM Certified Advanced Database Administrator
  • IBM Certified Analyst
  • IBM Certified Associate Administrator
  • IBM Certified Associate Analyst
  • IBM Certified Associate Deployment Professional
  • IBM Certified Integration Professional
  • IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional
  • IBM Certified Deployment Professional