IBM System Storage DS8000 series

IBM System Storage DS8000 series

IBM System Storage DS8000: High-performance disk storage for business-critical enterprise workloads


The IBM System Storage™ DS8000™ series has been enhanced to include IBM System Storage DS8000 Turbo models, which offer even higher performance, higher capacity storage systems that are designed to deliver a generation-skipping leap in performance, scalability, resiliency and total value. Created specifically for the mission-critical workloads of medium and large enterprises, the DS8000 series can help consolidate system storage, support tiered storage requirements, simplify storage management and support system availability to address the needs of businesses operating in an on demand world. The DS8000 series is designed to provide exceptional performance while adding virtualization capabilities that can help organizations allocate system resources more effectively and better control application quality of service. The DS8000 series offers powerful data backup, remote mirroring and recovery functions that can help protect data from unforeseen events. In addition, the DS8000 supports non-disruptive microcode changes. These functions are designed to help maintain data availability, which can benefit businesses in markets where information must be accessible around the clock, every day of the year.

  • Performance. The DS8800 delivers better performance with faster controllers, host and device adapters, and 2.5-inch 6 Gb / s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives.
  • Availability and resiliency. More than five nines available based on IBM Power Systems' proven server architecture.
  • Optimized storage tiers. The IBM System Storage Easy Tier component helps optimize application performance by automatically storing data at appropriate drive levels.
  • Flexibility. Supporting a wide range of server platforms, hard drive tiers, and application workloads helps ensure cost-effective storage consolidation.

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