SECURITY AUDIT AND TESTING Assess, with our help, the security of your systems, networks, cloud application infrastructure, source code, personnel, and the company in general. Penetration tests, vulnerability analysis, risk assessment, and mitigation recommendations. Incident investigation. SECURITY IMPLEMENTATION Apply our expertise to protect your clouds, SCADA and OT systems, servers, and telecommunications. We perform efficient hardening of systems, protect against DoS/DDoS attacks and other security incidents. APPLICATION SECURITY Pay attention to the secure software development lifecycle, the security of your applications and services, and the security skills of your developers and testers. We certify applications according to the ASVS security standard. SECURITY COMPLIANCE Get a competitive edge and meet your customers’ expectations with our audit, implementation, and certification services in accordance with ISO 27001, TISAX, SOC 2, PCI DSS, GDPR, and other regulations. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT AND DEVOPS Take advantage of our unique competencies in secure software development, smart contracts, virtualization, and DevOps. We automate and optimize business processes while ensuring their security. SECURITY TRAINING Learn about our employee awareness programs, psychological security, secure coding, penetration testing, and industrial information security training. MANAGED SECURITY Continuously maintain the security of your systems and your entire organization with our SOC Services, Managed Compliance, Virtual CISO, Website Security, Managed Threat Detection and Response, and Threat Intelligence.