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Artifex Software Ghostscript

Ghostscript is a Page Description Language (PDL) Interpreter and industry leader in PDF, PostScript, PCL, and XPS rendering and conversion. From its days as the first independent, open source (GPL) alternative to Adobe’s PostScript products, Ghostscript has grown and evolved to where it is widely recognized as a de facto standard implementation of PostScript and PDF languages. In fact, a June 2016 report released by Adobe and the PDF Association noted open source Ghostscript as the third largest creator of PDF files in the world, ranking only behind Adobe and Microsoft. Most Comprehensive Set of PDL Interpreters
  • Conversion Leader – When it comes to conversion capabilities, Ghostscript leads the pack with the broadest and most complete set of language conversions in today’s market
  • Complete Font Solutions – Ghostscript has a very broad range of commercial quality font solutions available for use. This includes PostScript fonts, PCL fonts, and PDF compatible fonts
Versatility Ghostscript’s breadth, depth and vast array of features makes it a veritable “Swiss army knife”; a customizable software solution for addressing complex imaging problems.
  • Multi-Platform support – Including Unix, Linux, Mac OSX, VxWorks, and ALL versions of MS Windows, including XP, NT, Vista, through Windows 10.
  • Wide array of modules – Libraries, back-end file format and device drivers that further enable customization and flexibility.
  • Wide range of uses – Deployed on host-based, embedded, and cloud solutions.
  • Compatibility – Fully compatible interpreters that accept any legal PDF, PostScript, PCL, or XPS file conforming to the published specifications of these languages. Recognizing that vendors have implemented undocumented extensions to these languages, we serve our customers by implementing such extensions in Ghostscript whenever they are commercially significant.
Performance Ghostscript’s small (3MB) footprint, extraordinary color management, and speed make it a superior solution.
  • Size – At 3MB, you won’t find a smaller footprint in our category.
  • Speed – Benchmark tests demonstrate Ghostscript’s rapid speed.
  • Imaging Science – Ghostscript uses ICC standards throughout the entire workflow to ensure accurate color rendering each and every time. You can either use the color management system supplied with Ghostscript or interface your own, easily and seamlessly.
  • Graphic Object Dependent Color Management technology provides significant flexibility for controlling color based upon graphic object type all on the same page.
Battle Tested Our rigorous, continuous benchmark testing, including daily regression testing of code and QualityLogic conformance testing, ensures the highest quality performance. In addition, over 2,000 customer years of operational testing and delivery of Ghostscript has refined the product and prepared us to deal with any technology situation.
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