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AlertBoot Password Manager

Password strength. It is the weakest link when it comes to data security, especially if you leave it to the enduser: Surveys prove that password security requirements are rarely fulfilled when people create their own, demonstrating the need for centralized oversight on password policy management. AlertBoot's password security tool – designed to easily implement and manage strong, secure password policies for BYOD environments – gives organizations the ability to enhance and optimize data security in and out of the workplace, further satisfying Safe Harbor provision responsibilities.Users can create personalized, unique passwords that are committed to memory while businesses get the flexibility they need to easily enforce strong password policies. Ability to specify password policies Specify the use of lower and uppercase letters, special characters, password length, password expiration, and other password management conditions. Easy auditing Password changes, password compliance failures, user logon events, and other metrics are logged for auditing purposes. Get insight into possible breach attempts, giving you the chance to monitor and stop problems before they lead to something bigger. Comprehensive corporate network level end-user control for BYOD environments Intelligently apply policies to all workgroup users who log into an endpoint. Applying IT security policy has never been easier when it comes to enterprise password management for endpoint devices. Ideal for SME's or BYOD environments that lack Active Directory or LDAP. Set policies for both full disk encryption and mobile device management Seamlessly integrated with AlertBoot full disk encryption (FDE) for laptops and mobile device management (MDM) for smartphones and tablets, the password manager is a valuable way to apply password rules for HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA, FISMA and other data security regulations.
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