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Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) on Wednesday announced an agreement with 24 Hour Fitness, one of the nation’s largest privately owned and operated fitness chains, to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Cloud across its network of more than 420 clubs nationwide. This will enable 24 Hour Fitness to dramatically enhance its ability to offer more personalized and unified digital experiences for members throughout every touch point in their fitness journey. With technology integrations across Microsoft business applications and Adobe Experience Cloud, 24 Hour Fitness is investing in a combined cloud platform to engage its members and prospects with highly personalized experiences.
“We have an opportunity to establish a new bar across the industry by delivering personalized digital interactions to our members that are available 24 hours a day, at home, on the road or in the gym,” said Frank Napolitano, president, 24 Hour Fitness. “It’s not an easy feat to achieve this with nearly 4 million members. Adobe is empowering us to create mass consumer personalization that scales, all utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. In doing so, we are better positioned to serve our members the workouts and health and fitness guidance they truly want and need.”
24 Hour Fitness is undertaking a journey to digitally transform its operations by combining functional departments to provide a single view of members and guests, messaging, and performance. Integrated cloud solutions from Adobe and Microsoft will help 24 Hour Fitness with scale, security and outreach along with AI and machine learnings to streamline its business and connect more deliberately to its members.
“Adobe and Microsoft are at the center of how we bring in relevant data, draw intelligent insights, and then how we act upon those insights across all our channels holistically,” said Tom Lapcevic, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, 24 Hour Fitness. “Our mission is to help people improve their lives every day through fitness, both inside and outside our clubs. So, whether it be email communications with a member, a mobile push notification or an SMS communication, we make sure that all our channels are in sync with what the needs of that individual are. It’s about giving every one of our members and guests a better and more personalized experience — and ultimately the results they desire.”
24 Hour Fitness already leverages Adobe Campaign for email, SMS and mobile push messaging, and Adobe Target for personalization across channels. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales will enable 24 Hour Fitness to leverage sales data for member and guest insights, providing a single view of the customer that can be used to personalize experiences. For example, 24 Hour Fitness can customize offers, such as personal training recommendations based on loyalty, interests and geography. In addition, the 24 Hour Fitness 24GO custom coaching platform, powered by Adobe Experience Manager for content management and delivery, combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides custom workouts, at-home programming, progress and goal tracking, and class schedules — all within a single dashboard. As well, the monthly digital magazine 24Life offers experts to help you think, eat, move and recover better. 
“24 Hour Fitness is at the forefront of delivering exceptional personalized customer experiences across new customer acquisition all the way through delivering ongoing member services,” said Alysa Taylor, general manager, Microsoft Business Applications & Industry Group. “Together with Adobe, we’re dedicated to empowering digital transformation with 24 Hour Fitness and are proud to join them in their efforts to develop amazing experiences that can revolutionize their industry and further engage their members.”
“Delivering personalization at scale is the holy grail when it comes to how fitness companies engage with members,” said Dave Welch, vice president, Microsoft Solutions, Adobe. “24 Hour Fitness is able to achieve precisely this by harnessing the unique advantages of Adobe and Microsoft’s joint solutions. This can be a game-changer that truly transforms the member experience.”

At Adobe Summit 2018 last month, Microsoft and Adobe outlined new native technology integrations between Adobe Experience Manager and Microsoft Azure, Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Adobe Analytics and Microsoft Power BI. The companies together serve more than 60 global brands today, empowering enterprises to compile customer insights, creating a single view of the customer that can be used to personalize experiences across marketing touchpoints. More information on these joint solutions can be found here.

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A field solution architecture is one of the essential parts of organizational success. The field solution architect (FSA) is responsible for working together with internal and external sales department to plan, organize, and sales strategies.visit us @

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Consyst Business Group" has developed an accounting system on the industry standards of the accounting system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for non-state pension funds, insurance companies and other non-credit financial institutions. The solution “Consyst: accounting on the industry standards of the accounting system in the Non-credit Financial Institutions on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics NAV” allows you to automate the process of accounting under the new industry standards of the accounting system, of the generation of accounting and supervisory reporting, as well as to conduct tax accounting and the generation of tax reports. Above that the solution can connect the budgeting module, which allows you to automate the processes of budgeting, treasury and the management reporting. For the purpose of creating of a complete set of reporting – accounting, supervisory and tax – a mechanism of data downloading from the related systems is implemented in the solution, such as: personalized accounting systems, management company systems, special depository. The solution provides the data uploading in the international standardized business reporting format XBRL, which will become an obligatory standard for reporting for the majority of non-credit financial institutions from January 1, 2018. Vladimir Tarasenko, CEO Deputy Consyst, Business Group “The solution will help many companies to proceed to the new standards in accordance with the requirements of the Bank of Russia within the given timeframe. We sincerely appreciate our customers who were the first to implement the solution and are already using it successfully. The Consyst Business Group team of experts and consultants together with our clients has done a great job, as a result of which an up-to-date technological solution which meets the current business requirements has been developed.” The solution has been registered in the corporation Microsoft and is already used in several large Russian companies, including the non-state pension fund NPF Almaznaya Osen, and others.
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Antonio Merloni S.p.A. Group of companies is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe, that has been producing industrial products of the highest technological level for more than fourty years now. The company specializes in the production of the large household appliances: refrigeration (refrigerators, freezers, chest freezers), washing machines, dryers and washer-dryers, dishwashers, cookers, hoods, and the whole range of embedded technology. One of the key brands of the group of companies is a household appliances trade mark ARDO. All appliances that are manufactured by the group of companies are certified by the European Union and meet all the strict quality, environmental impact, energy conservation and efficiency requirements (ISO 9001, 14001 certificates and other). Antonio Merloni S.p.A. Group of companies is known in many countries of the world for the high quality, wide range, excellence in design and functionality of the products. Situation After the production plant was opened in Ukraine, to guarantee the further dynamic development of the business decision was made to implement the ERP-system that would allow to integrate all business processes within one single information space. «It’s crucial for our company to have information of good quality when it is needed. High standards of the Antonio Merloni S.p.A. require accurate accounting and planning, completeness and clarity of the information». Author's imageIgor SkibizkiyManager of manufacture planning, Ukrainian household appliances (Merloni Group of companies) The company was choosing among several products. But finally the decision was made to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0. Comparatively low cost of the ownership and high degree of necessary business processes coverage served as the main preconditions. Solution The implementation project was divided into two main stages. Financial module that included localization of the bookkeeping and fiscal accounting was introduced in the first place. It allowed to perform accounting in the system long before the manufacturing line was launched. The second stage was about logistics and manufacturing automation. Logistics business processes included the whole commodity turnover cycle, from the materials and components order till complete goods shipment from the warehouse. Consolidated planning on the base of sales prognosis was carried out as well as records of completion and orders scheduling in prepack shops and on the final assembly line, load management of the final assembly line. On the second stage the ultimate goal of the automation was reached at using only 90% of standard functionality. Substantial development took place only in the CRP (Capacity Resource Planning) module, the so called «Master leveling line» was developed. «Characteristic feature of the project was the fact that the implementation was carried out along with business development on the territory of Ukraine, what allowed to build implementation logic, using standard functionality with minimum revisions. It allowed to completely avoid possible risks, always present in this type of implementation procedure». - Kirill RudnevSales Director, SMART business Result Due to the project all aspects of the company’s activities are now automated: finance, logistics, sales, manufacture. Ukrainian localization and management reporting according to the international standards were implemented. Aside from the international standards complete solution fully met the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of bookkeeping and fiscal accounting.
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