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CyberX Labs

CyberX delivers the only industrial cybersecurity platform built by blue-team experts with a track record of defending critical national infrastructure. That difference is the foundation for the most widely deployed platform for continuously reducing IIoT and ICS risk and preventing costly production outages, safety failures, environmental incidents, and theft of sensitive intellectual property. CyberX is the only IIoT & ICS security platform addressing all five requirements of the NIST CSF and all four requirements of Gartner’s Adaptive Security Architecture. CyberX is also the only IIoT & ICS cybersecurity company to have been awarded a patent for its ICS-aware threat analytics and machine learning technology. Notable CyberX customers include 2 of the top 5 US energy providers; a top 5 global pharmaceutical company; a top 5 US chemical company; and national electric and gas utilities across Europe and Asia-Pacific. Strategic partners include industry leaders such as Palo Alto Networks, IBM Security, Splunk, Optiv Security, McAfee, DXC Technology, and Deutsche-Telekom/T-Systems. Customers choose CyberX because it’s the simplest, most mature, and most interoperable solution for auto-discovering their assets, identifying critical vulnerabilities and attack vectors, and continuously monitoring their ICS networks for malware and targeted attacks. What’s more, CyberX provides the most seamless integration with existing SOC workflows for unified IT/OT security governance.
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Indegy is committed to protecting businesses, critical infrastructure and governments from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error. By delivering the most comprehensive set of enterprise-class OT security capabilities with unmatched flexibility and scale, we help ensure the safety and reliability of complex industrial control system (ICS) environments. Founded with a mission to protect industrial networks, the Indegy team boasts a unique mix of cyber-security expertise with hands-on industrial control knowhow. Our leadership and R&D teams are comprised of security, industrial operations and defense professionals, including several graduates of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) elite cyber security units. This is the foundation and spirit driving our innovative technologies and marketleading industrial cyber security solutions. The Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite provides full threat detection & forensic trails, automated asset inventory, vulnerability management and configuration control. The suite of capabilities tie together in an out-of-thebox deployment resulting in delivery of alerts, automated reports and 3rd party integration with your existing tools.
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